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My approach is:

Culturally sensitive and responsive
– acknowledging how power and privilege function within differences of class, race, gender, sexuality and disability. As woman, I can relate with minority experience.  As I sis-gendered white person living in the United States, it is my also my duty to explore my privilege and to relate to my internalized legacy of colonial, white-supremacist, patriarchy.  In my work, I aim to respond inclusively.  I will support your capacity to embrace difference and cultivate belonging.

Scientific - I am a neuroscience nerd. I love  learning about the inner-working of our brains. We're alive during a time marked by incredible advances in neuroscience. I find way to make it practical and applicable to our lives.

Animist/Relational – At the center of my offerings is the understanding that human beings are interrelated to one another and to all the beings on this earth.  Most of us have been indoctrinated into a belief system that emphasizes our individuality over and above the ability to perceive and act on our connections to others.  This causes us to suffer, to feel lonely, to engage in judgmental thinking toward ourselves and others.  Together, we’ll work to restore your birth-right: a sense of belonging to the world.

Holistic - Each and every one of us has a part of ourselves that transcends our personalities and our protective patterns.  It is home to our transcendent emotions such as awe, gratitude, compassion and peace.  This is the place where our innate wisdom and capacity to heal reside.  Together, we’ll engage this part of your order to facilitate the changes you are longing for in your life.    

Somatic - Opening the power of our attention to our felt-sense so that we enhance our ability to understand ourselves in relationship to the world around us.  We will aim for integrative functioning of cognition, sensation and emotion.  

Radical - It’s time for us to consider the world we are living in when we engage in psychotherapy.  Perhaps the biggest oversight of modern psychology is that the individual is diagnosed and the collective is not considered.   We might say a person has PTSD, for example without ever pointing to the war, prison sentence, poverty, racism or other societal conditions that created the conditions for PTSD.  

Kristen Jackson Banister Tucson

About Me:  
I live in beneath the expansive skies of the Sonoran Desert with my husband and two dogs.  I believe that friendship is an art and compassion is a gift to cultivate.  I have danced since I could walk.  It is my practice, my teacher, my meditation.  I love to hike through sagebrush, wander arroyos and listen to songbirds.  I am learning to garden, to use food as medicine, and to flow with the dynamic river of life.  

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Arizona. I am a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a Syzygy Outreach Facilitator, an Open Floor Teacher and the creator of Freemotion Somatics.  I’ve studied wilderness rites of passage with the School of Lost Borders, earned a certification in Therapy in Motion, studied Somatic Enneagram and lived a life motivated by curiosity about the human experience. My task is to witness your unique expression, to join with your internal healer and to support you with compassion, techniques and presence.

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I acknowledge that I live and work on the ancestral lands of Tohono O'o'dham, Pascua Yaqui, and Apache peoples.