Bodies are practices. Shapeshifting is about new practices.
- Bayo Akomolafe

What is Open Floor?

Open Floor is an extraordinary practice.  We step into the flow of the dance and witness what arises in our bodies - practicing fluidity, always changing - a metaphor for life, which is always changing.  We live in motion:  the mind is always changing, emotions are fluid, the body always moves.  Life is motion, movement, change.  Conscious dance is the practice of staying with the change and staying with what remains still.  Everything is in motion, but something stays still. 

Open Floor is a resource based movement practice.  We explore new ways of moving and responding to what is happening with intention and purpose. We learn to understand our habits and patterns for deeper insight and self-awareness. The more we embody different responses in our movements, the more resources we can call on to move through life with flexibility, resilience and ease (OpenFloor.Org).

Open Floor is my practice, my teacher and my meditation.  It is an invitation to witness ourselves through movement and stillness, through body and breath, rhythm and relationship.  To be alive is to be in a body.  The dance reminds us that we exist.  It helps us to find our ground, to center in our own lives and to allow our feelings to move through us.  Movement is the language that everything on the earth speaks.  Our own movement invites us to remember our connection to the natural world, to one another and to ourselves with depth and clarity.  I am a certified Open Floor International Movement teacher, a Syzygy Outreach Facilitator, a somatic psychotherapist and the creator of Freemotion Somatics.  Join me on the dance floor for an experience of yourself in motion.  

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Friday Night Special Dance Session

December 15, 2023 7:00 PM
lightly guided conscious dance
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I acknowledge that I live and work on the ancestral lands of Tohono O'o'dham, Pascua Yaqui, and Apache peoples.